With COVID-19 a lot of companies have made a fast shift to online work. Zoom team-selfies, like the one below, are polluting Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

COVID-19 has forced companies the world over to enact — or create — remote working protocols. The first thing many newly-remote workers have done to have this remote working thing sorted out is downloading Zoom.

See Your Teammates

The great Zoom’s feature is the ability to see all of your colleagues in one view while concentrating on the presented material.

The remote format robs us of humanity. Magic and chemistry happen between people, not between employees. The ability to see each other’s emotions makes the business calls more friendly and open and brings some empathy.

You can arrange the view the way you like. For example, it can be on top of the shared screen.

Configure Zoom

On the settings panel you can select a camera or to choose virtual background that will be rendered behind you.

You can also select a microphone and a speaker to use or mute computer audio for a short.

Interact With the Audience

With Zoom it’s easy to make a pool and to share the results.

It’s also easy to split the participants into separate rooms to work on a subject and to join it back again.

Zoom group char allows participants to go for the side threads not interrupting the speaker.

The audience may support the speaker by showing reactions or raise a hand to ask for a word.

The Limits

A free Zoom account provides a call session limited to 40 minutes. The warning tip displays remaining meeting time.

But to strike COVID-19 back Zoom has temporarily removed the 40-minutes time limit.

In a Post-Pandemic World

In a post-pandemic world, we do a mix of online and offline work. Acquired habits will forever change our daily lives.

Stay home and shift online.